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Personalized Design

Just as each company has it's own character, so must their products. We design products that not only meet your expectation but surpass them.

Rigorous Testing

With more than twenty years of experience in this industry and an 'A' - Team, we make sure only fully baked solutions pass through our gates.

Quality Guaranteed

We stand by our work also providing field support if the need arises. As we believe 'We are only successful if you are!!'

Featured Designs

Temperature Controllers


Based on awesome Cypress Analog Co-Processor

1. Sensors RTD, J, K, 4-20ma 

2. Auto Tuned PID algorithm.

3. 4-20ma output.

4. Modbus output on RS485

Digital Panel Meters


Reference Design With Cypress PSoC 4 

1. Single Phase Voltage

2. Single Phase Current

3. Single Phase VAF meter. 

4. Also available for 3 Phase VAF meter.

5. Power meter

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